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A Puffer

A puffer is used to inflate the blown piece once it’s already transferred onto the pontil rod. It fits over the mouth of the blown object and you blow through it.

Glory Hole and Yoke

Touching the glass with metal tools cools it down. A glory hole is used to re-heat your molten glass as you work at the bench. Leaning the rod on the ball bearings in the yoke allows you to move your piece in and out of the glory hole easily.

The Glory Hole

Pipes and pontil rods rest on the decorative holder while being heated for gathering glass from the furnace.

Decorative Pattern on the Annealer

A decorative lid covers a hole which allows a ceramist to peek into the kiln and check the cones. The annealer is one of the glass studio equipment converted from ceramic studio equipment.

Crack-off Bench

A piece is separated from a puntil rod and lifted up into the annealer for cooling down process starting at the end of the day.