During Covid

September 14, 2021

We are booking all workshops!

As of July 16, Toronto moved into Phase 3 of re-opening, which means indoor gatherings up to 25 people are allowed. So Playing with Fire will return to our normal max 9 people in the studio for any workshop. For all of you who bought Gift Cards during lock down, you will be able to redeem them and book your workshop. 

Safety + Vaccine Passports

Studio policy, first and foremost, is to offer safe workshops during COVID, and so far every student that has entered the studio since late July has declared having either one vaccine or both (majority). A COVID questionnaire at the building's entrance ensures that self reported status is clear. This has been the procedure up to this point.

Now that the government has mandated event spaces to require a vaccine passport, we will follow suit as of September 22. If you cannot obtain your vaccine passport by the time of your workshop, proof of vaccination is sufficient – Individuals can provide proof of immunization by downloading or printing their vaccine receipt from the Province of Ontario's vaccination portal, or by calling the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900. 
Fines to businesses that do not comply can be high and it is not in our budget or interest to make exceptions in this matter. Every precaution is taken at the studio to prevent transmission as the first priority.

Health & Safety in and around The Studio

1.  The building that houses the Glass Studio is locked during COVID-19, so your instructor will meet you at the Christie Street main doors (Barn 2), on the West side of the Barns. Please be timely and patient, we are never far away. You will be asked to fill a COVID-related questionnaire once you are inside the Barns. Your instructor will let you go home if you should feel unwell, in which case - you can reschedule your workshop FOR FREE. Please email or text Minna at the number in your confirmation email if you know that you feel ill on the day of your workshop.

2. Everyone wears masks during workshops, including instructors – except in glass-blowing workshops when you or an instructor is blowing into the pipe.

3. When blowing glass, we are using single-use, disposable paper straws so that no one is putting their mouth on the same plastic mouth piece.

4. You will be given a visor to wear at the studio. You may bring your own face mask if you wish.

5. We are actively and carefully using hand sanitizer during workshops – from the moment of entry into the studio, to all the moments when participants are handling glassblowing tools. Hand sanitizer is available in every corner of the studio.

6. Your instructor is double vaccinated and we strongly encourage you to be as well.

Rescheduling Due To The Lockdown

Please note that NO refunds will be given at this point related to the studio being shut down in March.

To everyone whose workshop was rescheduled due to the initial lockdown: you are encouraged to reserve a new workshop date + time with a code emailed to you. Please ask for one if you didn’t receive it yet. We will verify every registration at our end and contact you if there is a problem with your code. If you decide to use your personal, one time only code at a later date, it will be valid indefinitely. 

Please email minna@playingwithfire.ca with any questions or concerns regarding rescheduling.
Thanks for reading.
Looking forward to seeing you at the studio.

Minna Koistinen

Stay Up To Date on COVID-19