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Gift Certificates

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Give The Gift of Glass

What a fun experience to give family or friends: blowing or hot-sculpting your very own glass item. We have gift certificates available for purchase below in 6 different denominations. And with all of our workshops being geared for beginners, recipients can choose from any of our workshops.
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When giving / purchasing a Gift Certificate, you do not have to commit to a workshop date and time. The recipient of your gift Certificate will get to choose. We recommend you do check out all of our workshops to get an idea of what type of a gift you wish to give – some workshops are $110 (typically for solid, hot sculpted glass), with the other workshops being $165 (typically for our blown glass workshops). 

Choose from the gift certificates available for purchase below – in 6 different denominations. 

Payment is processed by either PayPal or Square; you do not need a PayPal or Square account to use a credit card. Your will receive your gift certificate via email.

Gift Certificate Blackout Dates
We are a micro business with the majority of sales occurring around Holidays. Please be considerate and book with a Gift Certificate around our busiest times of the year.

November 1 - December 31
February 1 - February 15
May 1 - May 15
Congratulations! Your friend has given you an experience in hot glass making. Have your emailed Gift Certificate handy and start the workshop registration process:

1. Select Your Workshop. Make sure you select the appropriate workshop for your Gift Certificate (eg. if you have a Gift Certificate for a 1.5 hr workshop, make sure you select a 1.5 hr minute workshop and not a 3 hour workshop).

2. Book Your workshop. Choose your workshop date, and confirm your information. After confirming, you will be directed to the payment overview page. Stop the registration process at this point. Our booking system will hold your spot and will not charge you. Now you'll need to:

3. Verify Your Gift Certificate. Email minna@playingwithfire.ca with a copy of your Gift Certificate for verification. We will confirm your paid Gift Certificate and send you an email with your workshop confirmation and details.

4. See you at the studio!