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Gift Cards

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Give The Gift of Glass

What a fun gift to give or share with family or friends – the experience of blowing or hot-sculpting your own piece of glass art!
Important:  You can only redeem a Gift Card once. If you redeem $180 against a single $120 workshop, you will lose a $60 value.
  • Giving
  • Redeeming
When giving / purchasing a Gift Card, you do not have to commit to a workshop date and time. The recipient of your Gift Card will get to choose. Please check out all of our workshops to get an idea of what dollar amount you wish to give – some workshops are $120 (typically for solid, hot sculpted glass), with the other workshops being $180 (typically for our blown glass workshops). Gift certificate are sent via email with a code that you use at checkout to redeem your Gift Card. 

Gift Certificate Blackout Dates
We are a micro business with the majority of sales occurring around Holidays. Please be considerate and book with a Gift Certificate around our busiest times of the year.

November 1 - December 31
February 1 - February 15
May 1 - May 15
Congratulations! Your friend has given you an experience in hot glass making. To redeem your Playing with Fire Gift Card (which you should have received by email or print), first choose a workshop that interests you, choose a workshop date to register for, then during checkout you will see a promo code field where you will enter your Gift Card code.

1. Choose a Workshop. From our WORKSHOPS page, click the workshop you're interested in, scroll down and find the BOOK THIS WORKSHOP section.

2. Choose a Workshop Date + Time. Redeem one gift card at a time. Select "1" to secure a spot and click REGISTER NOW. Fill out your personal information and click on PROCEED TO PAYMENT OPTIONS.

3. Enter Your Gift Card Code. During the payment stage of checkout, enter your gift card code in the INSERT PROMOCODE field. Please note: the gift card's dollar amount can only be applied once (i.e. applying a $160 card to a $100 workshop for one person will waste $60 of value). The gift card dollar amount will be subtracted from the pre-tax sub-total.

4. Confirmation will be sent to your email address. The details of your booked workshop are outlined for you for saving into your calendar,

That's it. See you at the studio!